Tips For Storing Your Piano In A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

If you want your piano to emerge from storage in nice, usable condition, then you absolutely need to choose a climate-controlled storage unit. Changes in temperature and humidity are just too hard on the wood and string components of your piano, and they can cause some structures to bend and warp, making the instrument unplayable. But choosing a climate-controlled unit is just the bare minimum. As you put your piano in the unit, here are some additional tips you will want to follow.

1. Hire professional movers.

Do not transport the piano to the storage unit yourself. There are professional piano moving services that will do this for you. They have the equipment needed to lift the piano out of your home and get it into the storage unit without damaging it. Pianos are heavy, and if you try to do this on your own, you might not just damage the piano, but also injure yourself.

2. Cover it with a breathable cloth.

You do not want to cover the piano with anything too heavy, since this could leave impressions on the finish if the piano is in storage for more than a couple of months. You do, however, want to cover the piano to keep the dust off of it. You can use an old bed sheet or even an old cloth shower curtain. There are piano covers that might be a bit nicer, but if you don't have the money to spend on one, it's not really needed.

3. Leave it upright.

You might be tempted to save space by laying the piano on its side. Do not do this! Pianos need to be stored upright, at all times, to keep anything from bowing or distorting on the inside. If you are worried you won't have enough space for your piano and all of your other items inside the storage unit, rent a larger storage unit.

4. Don't set things on top of it.

In a similar vein, you do not want to put items on top of the piano to store them. Over time, this could leave an impression on the piano or damage the finish. The only thing on the piano should be the cover or sheet.

To learn more about proper piano storage, you can reach out to your piano manufacturing company or a piano mover in your local area, such as Affordable Piano Movers & Storage. With the tips above, your piano will stay in great shape.