Moving Tips For Low-Income Residents

When you are low income, you may face additional hurdles when moving. For example, you may not have as much money to hire movers and/or you may not have a car. There are ways you can make your move efficient and more affordable.

Start With A Moving Quote

Getting an accurate quote from multiple moving companies will be the best way to keep moving affordable. There are different variables that may affect a quote, such as the type of housing you are moving from and to, the distance you are moving, and the estimated time it will take to move. When comparing quotes, you should take into consideration what each moving company offers, such as number of movers and the size of the truck they use. Most companies have two movers as their standard. Although a particular company may offer a more expensive quote, their number of movers or a larger truck can decrease the amount of time it takes to move. Some companies have the option to add an extra mover for an hourly price. This may be worth the extra expense when you consider that their work will take some of the burden off the other movers and help make your move more efficient.

Help Movers With Efficiency

Saving money will generally mean you will have to forego packing services. The way you pack your items and helping the movers with lightweight items, even if you can only move items to the truck, will also make the process more efficient, especially if stairs are involved in either location. Well before you move, you should start collecting boxes by saving them from your own orders, asking neighbors, and  seeing if a local grocery or corner store has some to offer. Since small corner stores are more likely to remember people in the neighborhood, they might be willing to keep you in mind and save boxes for you. Buying boxes can be tempting, especially if you are moving on short notice. However, boxes are fairly expensive, especially  because most retailers require you to buy them in sets of 25 or 50.

Avoid over-packing any particular box. Not only does that increase the chances the box will fail, but it can make it harder for any single person to lift the box. Plastic storage containers will be more expensive, but they may have advantages over boxes that can help with your move. If you buy storage containers, opt for the clear ones so it's easy to see what is inside. Plastic storage containers have handles, so they are easy for people to lift and carry, unlike most boxes. Since they are sturdier, you will have fewer concerns about the container breaking. For extra security, you might choose to use packaging tape around the perimeter of the lid to make the lid more secure.

Consider Replacing Furniture

Furniture items are often the hardest and most time-consuming items to move. When you are financially strapped, you may be attached to your furniture items because you do not know when or if you can replace them. Whenever possible, it may be more cost-effective to toss, sell, or donate larger furniture items and replace them later. With social media marketplaces being a popular way to sell items, it may be easier to find a buyer and use the money to help with moving expenses or the cost of replacing the item.

A heavy dining room set can be easily replaced with inexpensive, lightweight folding chairs and a folding table. There is an increase in the number of online retailers that are allowing people to make payments on furniture items, which is not the same as expensive rent-to-own options. Buying items in this manner allows you to use the furniture as you make payments. Some types of futons are a good alternative to a traditional couch. Lightweight metal futons can also be delivered through common carriers so shipping and delivery is more affordable.

Being low-income can make moving more stressful and limit your options to make moving easier. There are ways you can cut costs while making moving less of a burden. Contact residential local movers to learn more.