Tips For Prepping And Moving A Wraparound Couch

Moving boxes of books, toys, and kitchenware can be challenging at times, but moving large, bulky furniture can be physically and emotionally overwhelming. Considering many households are purchasing wraparound couches for their homes, you may have one of these large and bulky pieces of furniture that needs to be moved. Without proper planning and care, moving this couch can be time-consuming and dangerous, especially if you do not have additional help. Here are a few tips for moving a wraparound couch in a safe and efficient way.


One of the first things you need to do is prepare the wraparound for the move. To get started, remove all of the couch's pillows and cushions. Pack the pillows and cushions in a box or in large plastic bags that are easy to transport.

The next step in moving a wraparound couch is to dissemble it. Each wraparound is designed differently, so it is smart to contact the furniture manufacturer if you are unsure of how to disconnect each section of the couch.

In some wraparounds, you will only need to slide the bracket out of the bracket on the other piece of the couch. In other designs, you may need to release a level on each section to disconnect the pieces.

Use caution if your couch has a pull-out sleeper. After the cushions are removed, secure the folding assembly to the underlying foundation of the couch using tightened bungee cords or tie-straps. This will prevent the sleeper from falling out during the transport of your couch.

Once all sections are separated, vacuum the upholstery to remove any dirt, dust, hair, and food crumbs. If you have a leather or vinyl wraparound, wipe down the couch with a leather cleaner/protectant. Having the couch clean will not make it easier to move, but it will ensure the couch is ready once you arrive at your new home.


Either hire professionals who are experienced in hauling heavy furniture or ask friends and family for help. Never attempt to carry the couch alone, especially if it has a sleeper. The couch may look lightweight and easy to haul, but it will be incredibly heavy and difficult for one person to move.

Clear out any boxes, furniture, and other objects between the path of the couch and the truck bed. This will ensure you do not have to stop or move around items while carrying the heavy furniture piece. Smaller sections of the wraparound may be carried by one person, but heavier and lager pieces, which include the couch with sleeper, the wedge section, and even recliners that are part of the couch should be transported by multiple people to avoid injury.

For more help, contact a service like the The Couch Mechanic when planning your move.