4 Furniture Moving Tips

Moving furniture can be a daunting task. However, professional movers will help move your furniture efficiently, giving you peace of mind. The companies have adequate staff and equipment to do the job quickly, saving you time. Also, the professionals have various trucks that can accommodate your furniture. Therefore, you will avoid making multiple trips that can be costly.

You should call the moving company a few weeks before moving. Early planning allows the experts to schedule their time to serve you better. Here are furniture moving tips you should know.

Remove Obstacles

You should eliminate obstacles that can cause you to trip and fall while moving furniture, including shoes, toys, cardboard boxes, and clothes. Ensure you inspect the pathway you will use from the house, stairs, hallway, and to the moving truck. 

If you have a baby, you should hire a babysitter to look after them during the exercise. Babies can crawl under the furniture without being noticed, exposing them to a severe accident. Also, ensure your pets are in their kennel, as they can trip you while running around.

Use Lifting Straps

You need to use adjustable lifting straps to haul your furniture. These devices help lift heavy items and protect you from accidents. Lifting heavy furniture without the proper gear can make you dislocate your shoulder or tear a muscle. Also, you need to have a dolly to move furniture to the truck. This equipment will help you avoid dragging the items on the floor, preventing damage. If you don't have a dolly or lifting straps, you should consider hiring professional furniture movers to help.

Maneuver the Furniture Correctly

Moving furniture across the doorways can be tricky. You should turn the couches to the side instead of upright. This position will prevent the items from getting stuck at the door. Forcing the furniture through the spaces is also a bad idea. You will damage the furniture and the door frames, leading to costly repairs. Moreover, place your sofas on their end before entering a hallway. Carrying the items horizontally takes up excessive space, preventing proper passage through the doors.

Avoid Damage

Wrap the furniture with moving blankets to prevent scratching the finish and delicate edges of tables, dressers, and couches. Then, secure the blankets with stretch film, so they don't slide off while in motion. You can also use sliders to move heavy furniture across a wood floor. The sliders are made with smooth rubber or plastic. These features help prevent wood floors and other vulnerable surfaces from being scratched. Moreover, you can tape cardboard on the walls, especially the corners, to prevent scratches and dents. 

Reach out to movers in your area for more information.