3 Points To Consider When Picking A Residential Property Moving Service

Relocation is a major time, energy, and financial commitment, whether it is a move across town or across the country. In addition to the basics of setting up new utilities, making deposits, coordinating new schools and navigating a new neighborhood, the stresses of packing, transporting, and unpacking a home add up. Residential property moving services make it possible to outsource a portion of those stress points and focus on getting a fresh start in a new place. When you are searching for a moving service, there are a few points to ponder to ensure the best match is selected. 

Distance requirements

Many moving services are able to travel cross country and promote this service. However, it's always best to determine upfront if services are limited to a specific region of the country or to within state lines. This is also a great time to assess rates. Each company sets pricing according to an internal rubric that typically includes a base package with loading and unloading services plus a set amount of mileage and hours before per-mile or hourly charges kick in. Additional charges can also include the cost of overnight stays for moving crews on the road. Obtain a quote from multiple moving companies when possible and verify that the quotes take into account all the services you require.

Time constraints

When a job offer or emergency relocation requires a tight timeline for packing up and reaching a new location, a home property moving company can quickly determine if the move fits an opening on the schedule. However, there can be extra charges for rush jobs. Always be clear on the timeline required for departing a current home and completing unpacking at the destination if there are restraints. Review if the existing home or new address has restrictions regarding time or hours for parking a moving vehicle in an unloading zone or if an unloading zone is offered. These elements can add time on the back end, but the moving company can plan ahead when forewarned. 

Level of service required

Moving companies provide various services, from basic loading, unloading, and transport to a full service arrangement. When full service is purchased, movers come in and help pack up the apartment or home. The company provides moving boxes, uses packing cushions to protect breakable items and helps secure moving parts on larger pieces of furniture, such as drawers on dressers or rotating pieces on couches and electronics. These items are then strategically packed in the moving vehicle and unloaded to the preferred destination at the new residence. Unpacking services are also provided to minimize setup time.