Is This Your First Big Move?

Do you remember your first move as newlyweds? Or, maybe you're recalling the move you made as you left college for your first real job. Whatever the scenario that prompted your first move is probably being remembered with the back seat of your car carrying only a few belongings, right? Now that you are making your first big move, you are probably experiencing different emotions.

On one hand, you are more than likely excited about adventures that are ahead of you. On the other hand, you might be a bit nervous about the unknown. In addition, there's the stress of packing and moving. From planning for moving day to arranging for professionals to pack and move your household belongings, here are some ideas that might help you.

Have A Plan Before The Packers Arrive

If you are married with kids, you have helpers. Think of having an informal meeting with everybody in your family so that you can plan what you'll do before the packers arrive. For example, have each member of your family go through his or her personal belongings. By doing so, things that are no longer used can be given to a charitable organization or placed in a stack for a future yard sale.

Think of giving each person a small container, maybe even a laundry basket, that will hold items that should not be kept. For example, if you will want to get to bed linens right when you arrive at your new house, put each person's own bedding in his or her laundry basket.

If your children want a special toy or book with them, that item needs to be placed in his or her container. Be sure that those items are placed in an area where they won't be accidentally packed, maybe even in your vehicle. 

Use Professional Movers

If your company is moving you, the movers might have been selected already. Otherwise, find a company that specializes in residential moving services. Your household items will be handled with care so that they won't be damaged in the move.

For example, if you have fine china, each piece will be individually wrapped. If you have something like an antique cuckoo clock, it will more than likely be wrapped before it is crated. If you have a baby grand piano, don't be surprised if it is dismantled so that it will take up less space in the moving van.

For more information about moving for the first time, contact a company near you that offers residential moving services.